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Frozen large crickets - 1kg

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Have been buying live crickets at retail pricing for years to feed our two full size adult Oscars. Costing me big coin every week....then I found these, ordered them, and WOW delivered overnight and in a solid foam container with large ice block inside. The bag of crickets still frozen when they arrived! Ice rock solid. Very impressed and 1kg of medium crickets (they are the size of large crickets in retail pet stores) will last me months and months! There has to be 2000-3000 crickets in a 1kg bag. HEAPS! Will be buying these exclusively in the future, as Oscars love them.

Frozen crickets

Up side: excellent bird, reptile and chicken food without having to worry about them getting away. Down side: did defrost during shipping but was still cold.

Frozen crickets

Prompt delivery at a good price