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Zoophobas Morio species


1kg Superworms. Packed in a calico bag with bran, paper and carrot.

These are not to be confused with what other companies call superworms which are juvenile hormone sprayed mealworms.

 Superworms grow up to 5-6cm.



mealworms (although these are a different species)



Please do not refrigerate superworms as this will result in death.

Superworms are easy to keep in a plastic container with holes. We ship them to you with bran, which they use for bedding and food.

They are best kept at room temperature and will live for up to 2 weeks as a worm before they start to pupate. They should be fed every couple of days by adding a few small pieces of carrot which they will eat and use as a source of moisture.

The carrot is their main source of moisture so needs to be changed regularly.

Superworms should be considered a "treat food" as they are high in fat and have a hard exoskeleton that can cause issues with some animals. They are a good addition as part of a well-balanced diet.


WHO LOVES OUR Superworms?

Superwormsare a great food for lizards and are a favourite of Bearded Dragons, frogs, turtles and amphibians, spiders, scorpions, fish, birds including insectivores, magpies, finches and chooks will love you for them too.



If you want to vary the diet of your beloved critter you might want to try some Black Soldier Fly Larvae, crickets, superworms  or silkworms. A little of this and a little of that keep your pet interested and offer different hunting opportunities to keep them stimulated.

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Super Value

I use to buy these from Petbarn and not only are they totally over priced for a small amount, it was ALWAYS hit and miss with availability. I found bio Supplies online and have ordered twice now and will continue to do so. Always packed with care- which really helped with these auspost delays we are experiencing aus wide, they had my order for a week and the superworms were totally fine and alive. Thank you! :)