Common Brown Cricket Care Information (Acheta Domesticus)

When our awesome crickets arrive at your place there are a few things you can do for them to prolong their time spent with you.

  • Place them in a larger container with ventilation
  • Use a substrate with some absorbancy.
  • Add some chick starter or rabbit pellet to nibble on.
  • Feed the medium - large crickets on carrot and the smaller ones on cos lettuce. Remove and replace the veggies every couple of days to avoid other pests moving in.
  • Use the egg crate that come with them so they can play hide and seek on rainy days.
  • Keep them warm, around 25-28c. Crickets like dry heat, think Great Sandy Desert not Daintree Rainforest.
  • Dont give them an open dish of water. Cickets are not the smartest creatures and will happily all jump into a tub of water and drown. A wet sponge will work or if only keeping them for a few days just keep the veggies fresh.