Bird eating spiders is a generic name for tarantulas, which include species including Phlogius and Selenotypus.

A terrarium with a secure lid is an ideal habitat with peat moss for the bedding. Tarantulas build long silk lined burrows with loose threads across the entrance which is used as an early warning system for approaching prey. They like the temperature about 24c and like a misting of water on hot dry days. Their favorite foods are crickets, mealworms and silworms and will also eat pinky mice as well.

Adults will moult between December and February. If you notice darkening in colour, reduced feeding or lethergy you spider may be about to moult. Remove any live food and mist the terrarium in preparation. The spiders will often lay on their backs when moulting so dont be alarmed. Females will moult more often than males and llve longer. Females will live approximately 10-12 years, males will die within 12 months of their first mating.

Do not attempt to handle the spiders and take care when cleaning them. Their bite is very painful and may result in illness including nausea and vomiting. always seek medical advise if biten.