Desert Scorpion - Urodacus Yashenkoi

These live in open sandy soil areas and are very territorial.

They need to be housed seperately in a terrarium with a deep layer of sand so that they can dig their spiral burrow. As they are a desert dweller they need to be kept at above 20c. You may need a heat lamp or mat through winter. They should be placed outside in the sun once a week so they can absorb some vitamin D. Take care not to leave them out for too long.

Crickets are their favourite meal and will also eat mealworms. You can mist them with water occasionally.

Rainforest scorpions - Liocheles Waigiensis

Their wild habitat is quite variable, but, can be kept in a terrarium with a shallow bed of soil with rock or or bark for them to hide in crevices. Rainforest scorpions like to be kept warm and humid. They also like to be fed on crickets and mealworms.

All scorpions are capable of deliering a very painful sting. Seek medical advise if stung.