Here are a few frequently asked questions about pets

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What is UVB lighting?

UVB light is ultraviolet light that is invisible to the naked eye, but, a necessity for all living things. UVB light allows vitamin D3 to be synthesised into the body which allows calcium to be metabolised. Calcium is very important for bone and muscle growth and development.

Animals that are active through the day require more UVB than nocturnal animals. a rough guide of 12 hours a day is required. Your UVB light will need to be changed once or twice a year depending on how many hours a day it is used.

Are mealworms harmful to my lizard?

There a couple of common misconceptions about mealworms out there. One is that mealworms will eat into the lizard from the inside. This is not possible as the lizard will normally bite the worm when eating and the worm would be broken down by stomach acid. Another is that mealworms can be fed everyday. We dont recommend this as they are a very fatty food and the hard shell of the worm can cause impaction of your lizards guts. Not to mention how very dull it would be to eat the same thing everyday.

Do reptiles carry diseases?

Many reptiles carry salmonella in their guts, however transference to humans is extremely unlikely. You have a much greater risk of getting salmonella from under cooked food than from handling your pet. You would probably need to eat your pets faeces for this to happen.

Bacterial infections can also transfer from animal to human. Proper husbandry will eliminate this from happening. Always wash your hands before and after handling your pets for the protection of both of you. You can use antibacterial washes for cleaning your pets housing and food/water bowls.

Could my reptile bite me?

This is always possible with any animal. Take it slow when first handling a new pet, move slowly and in a quiet area to reduce stress on the animal. As they get used to the idea of being handled they will welcome the attention.

If you do get a bite, place a pressure bandage over the bite area and seek medical attention if required. Don't forget to calmly place your pet back into their enclosure.

Will reptiles outgrow their enclosure?

They sure can, and then they'll be very unhappy. It can cause your pet to have a number of mental and physical issues. Please make sure your enclosure is big enough to accommodate your pet as an adult.

Which one should i buy?

That decision is all yours. Base your decision on what you can afford, both in money and time and how long you will need to look after it for. Some birds and reptiles live a very long life and you need to be responsible for the whole of its life. Bearded dragons and pet birds will require a lot of your attention and love to spend time with you. A pet spider or aviary bird still needs daily care, but not the same in your face attention.

Can i release my pet into the wild?

NO! Never release a pet into the wild, whether its a bird or reptile. Your pet will not be prepared for the environment and the environment may not be prepared for your pet. If you can no longer care for a pet please look for an alternative home for them.