We are a family owned business run by my Dad and me. We like to treat all of our cutomers like family members, not your crazy uncle, more like your favourite aunt. I like to build relationships with my customers and get to know them and their pets.

Our background is in retail pet stores so we understand the importance of good service, quality product and hassle free delivery. Peter started our first pet store in Flemington, Sydney in 1978. Plaza Pet World was a very popular and successful store for over 30 years. A few more pet stores later we purchased an aquarium wholesale business, Aquatic Solutions, based in Yagoona NSW in 1997. BioSupplies, our current baby began in 2008. It was originally an add on to Aquatic Solutions, but it grew so quickly we decided to split the 2 businesses. With this wealth of knowledge we are able to offer you peace of mind in our products and services.

Our specialty is our quality live cricket range. Pest free, healthy and full of crickety goodness. Woodies, mealworms, silkworms and superworms round out the range of live edible insects. Frozen rats & mice, chickens, ducks, quails and rabbits are also popular amongst our reptile friends. We offer a range of reptile products to heat, light and nurture your pets. If its an unusual pet you are after you can choose from a large selection of arachnids and critters that we have on offer. Spiders, scorpions, centipedes, beetles and burrowing cockroaches are available all year.

You can feel secure when buying from BioSupplies. We have the range, experience and best service to help you with any of your live food or reptile product needs.