Wakey Wakey

by Karen Nilsson

It seems like they’ve been asleep for a long time and one day when you check on them, you will find them awake and looking at you. Or you will hear them moving around their enclosure.

At this point you can bathe them for a drink and waking stimulation, and turn the heat and UV back on. You can do it in a gradually or switch it all back on. Make sure they have options to get away from the heat and light just in case they go back to brumation.

It may well take your dragon a few days to get back into the routine that they are familiar. So they may not eat much at first. Don't worry, they will be back in their routine before long.

It’s important to have the heat back on so they can bask when you commence feeding as they will need it to help digest their food. Make sure they have a poop, you don’t want them going back to sleep with a full belly.