Reptile heating and lighting maintenance

by Karen Nilsson

Now is a great time of year to give your pets enclosure a good clean and check that is ready for some cooler weather.

If you intend to keep your pet awake through winter, now you've probably got more time to spend with them, you will need to make sure that the heat and lighting is appropriate.

Heating your enclosure should offer zones, with warmer and cooler temps at opposite ends so they can choose.

A heat mat or rock is a great way for them to keep their bellies warm to aid digestion. A heat globe that they can climb to makes a great basking area that they can move away from if they need to.

Its good to check that any UV globes you are using are less than 6 months old as they stop producing UV after this time. UV is important in producing Vitamin D which helps absorb calcium.

Please check the specifics required by your pet before purchasing any products.