Is your Beardy bored?

by Karen Nilsson

This is a question for all of our pets. 

When you're kept in an enclosure for the better part of your life you start to crave a bit of a break from the everyday.

There are a few ways we can help our pets keep mentally and physically stimulated.

Exercise is a great stimulant for mind and body. If your critters are tame enough to have outside their enclosure, take them out as often as you can. Take them outside to get a dose of real sunlight, feel the wind in their spikes and grass beneath their toes. If they don't like the big outside world or you are time poor, you can change their enclosure around. Have a few different rocks or hides that you can rotate in and out of their house. Change the position of the food and water bowls or introduce a sand or moss mat.

Food is another great stimulant. Get those natural foraging instincts going with a cricket feeding rock or hill or a mealworm drip system. if the food has to be worked for rather than just left in a bowl it becomes a fun game and stimulates both brain and body. Try different foods to get the appetite going, swap fast moving for slow moving foods or foods that haven't been offered before. You can try a small treat ball filled with their favourite green veggies or on a hot day some fruit in an ice block will keep them busy and cool at the same time.

Try a few of these tips and your pets will thank you for it.