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Tenebrio Molitor species

1kg Mealworms. Packed in a calico bag with bran, paper and carrot.



Mini mealworms and Superworms (although these are a different species)



Mealworms are easy to keep in a plastic container with small holes. We ship them to you with bran, which they use for bedding and food.

They are best kept in the fridge and will live happily there for a number of weeks. They slow down considerably when kept in the fridge, but still need to be fed. About every two weeks add a few small pieces of carrot which they will eat and use as a source of moisture.

If left out of the fridge the worms will begin to pupate and are much less palatable.

Mealworms should be considered a "treat food" as they are high in fat and have a hard exoskeleton that can cause issues with some animals. They are a good addition as part of a well-balanced diet.



Mealworms are a great food for lizards and are a favourite of Bearded Dragons, frogs, turtles and amphibians, spiders and scorpions, fish, birds including insectivores, magpies, finches and chooks will love you for them too.



If you want to vary the diet of your beloved critter you might want to try some Black Soldier Fly Larvae, crickets, superworms  or silkworms. A little of this and a little of that keep your pet interested and offer different hunting opportunities to keep them stimulated.

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1 kg mealworms

Absolutely delighted with fast delivery of healthy worms. My hens think it is heaven.

1 kg mealworms

good quick delivery. I am very happy with the mealworms right size to feed to my finches which fight over them to eat would recommend to any finch breeds to buy


fat, healthy and very lively. Arrived promptly and that's not so easy where i live. Would be happy to order again.

1KG Mealworms

All ways arrive in good condition, and support is very good, recommended supplier

1kg mealworms

They arrive healthy, well packaged, and in a timely manner. Could not ask for more.

Great value

Never had an issue with this product always arrives in great condition very good sellers

1kg mealworms

Mealworms of high quality as usual but the delivery time was exceptional. Ordered on Thursday morning, (thought it was risky ordering this late in the week), arrived friday morning. Always great service!

Mealworms 1 kg

Well packed, healthy mealworms and fast delivery.


All arrived alive. Very well packed. Thank you


All arrived next day and good condition