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Hermetia illucens species

Black soldier fly larvae 250gm pack. Approx. 1000 in a pack.



Black soldier fly larvae is a super food for your critters. They are easy to use, easy to store and really good for them. You can use them as a staple part of your critters diet. BSFL are an everyday food.

Black soldier fly larvae, or calci worms, are high in calcium, so there's no need to dust with calcium supplements, high in protein and lysine(an essential amino acid). They wriggle around which makes them an enticing feed.

They are easy keep too. They can be kept alive for 2-3 weeks without the need to feed them. If you don't use them all in that time you can freeze them and use later. They don't smell and don't escape and you don't need to feed them.



-Protein 40% 

-Fat 30% 

-Calcium:phosporous is 6:1 

-high in lysine



Black Soldier Fly Larvae are a great food for lizards and are a favourite of Bearded Dragons, frogs, turtles and amphibians, spiders and scorpions, fish, birds including insectivores, magpies, finches and chooks will love you for them too.



If you want to vary the diet of your beloved critter you might want to try some mealwormscricketssuperworms  or silkworms. A little of this and a little of that keep your pet interested and offer different hunting opportunities to keep them stimulated

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Black Soldier Fly Larvae

the occasional visiting magpie is my audience - while I do see the occasional magpie snacking on larve, these larve are not as big a hit with the magpies compared my last purchase of mealworms, but there are definately many benefits with the larve; for example I can leave a whole tray out on top of the soil in pot plants on the balcony and the magpies eat some larve but do not overindulge - magpies will not finish a container of larve even after many days, maybe even more than a week, and these larvae do not escape which is also cool because my house was littered with the occasional mealworm escapee, but these larve are not as hardy as meal worms outside of the container they were shipped in, but to be fair I did not study how to keep them alive. I was able to dump the meal worms into the soil of pots plants on my balcony and throw some oats on top, but when I did the same with one of two containers, these larve died very quickly outside of plastic container they were shipped in, but I left the second container open on top of the soil and the larve in the second container are still alive and mostly uneaten after many days. I will still purchase both larve and meal worms just to mix things up for the magpies.


Great product, my beardies love them


Bugs alive and arrived promptly.

Always Awesome

The soldier fly larvae is always heathy and of good quality. My Bearded Dragon Loves them.

Fast shipping

Arrived in rural nsw in top condition and rely fast delivery

Quick and quality

Order arrived faster than expected and good value supply of BSFL


Awesome service as always!

Always Awesome

I order the Black Soldier Fly Larvae regularly. Not only is postage very quick but the quality of the larvae is always great. My bearded dragon loves them.


Place order in the morning, product arrived late afternoon! Awesome service!!!

Black soldier fly lava

Fast delivery & great quality. Great product for my lizard.