Winter Care for your pet reptiles

by Karen

Reptile Winter Care

Many reptiles brumate over the winter months. This means that they slow down, eat and drink less and poo less often as a result. They usually don’t sleep entirely and may have days were they wake have a drink and go back to a more dormant state. Water should always be accessible at this time.

Its a good time to do some spring cleaning in the enclosure to prep for when they are wide awake again.

If you haven’t changed your UV lighting for 6-9 months this is a good time to do it. The UV in globes will lose its efficiency over time and will not have the necessary requirements for a healthy reptile. Exposure to UV light is needed for the production of vitamin D3. D3 allows your pet to metabolise calcium.

You can give the enclosure a good clean and replace any broken or cracked bowls or hides. Add a new ornament, hide or hammock as a treat for when they emerge from their sleepy time.

Make sure you have a small animal first aid kit available in case they should suffer a small accident. A germicidal ointment like F10 is great to have on hand and you can use it on any of your animals. You can also include gauze, elastic bandage, nail clippers, tweezers and a magnifying glass.

Keep a good eye out for movement in the coming weeks as they will emerge hungry and looking for a feed. Crickets, woodies, black soldier fly larvae as well as green leafy veggies should be provided. The males often wake earlier than females so if housed together you may want to seperate them until she is also fully awake. Expect lots of head bobbing and waving to get your attention for food and cuddles.