Food, food glorious food for Bearded Dragons

by Karen Nilsson

Whether you've just got your first Bearded Dragon or yours is a member of the family,its good to know the best foods for your pet.

Baby and juvenile Beardies will eat 2-3 times a day and generally you can feed them for 10 minutes at a time and then stop. They will eventually stop eating, but they can really put their food away. This might be up to 50 Weanie crickets! A good rule at this age is approx 80% protein and 20% vegies, this will swap when they reach adulthood. The best guide for which size cricket to buy is to purchase ones that are roughly the size of the gap between your pets eyes. Always offer greens, even if they don't eat much of it as babies. Calcium and vitamin supplements should be added regularly.

Adult bearded Dragons eat less often than the babies and need a larger sized cricket. I would recommend medium crickets or large crickets for a beardy 12 months and up. Offer them live food every couple of days and replace your vegies every day. 

Good vegetables to offer are carrot, zucchini, pumpkin, kale or peas, there are many options. For a sweet treat you can occasionally offer watermelon, apple or grapes. Remember to cut these up into small pieces for your pet.

To avoid boredom with their food you can also feed juicy silkwormsmealworms and woodies occasionally.