Build your own frog hotel

by Karen Nilsson

DIY Frog Hotel Using PVC Pipes

Overview: Building a frog hotel is a fun and educational family project that provides a safe retreat for local frogs in your garden. This guide will walk you through creating a simple, durable frog hotel using PVC pipes and other materials easily found at home or a local hardware store

Materials Needed: 

PVC pipes (4 inches in diameter, various lengths) 

PVC pipe caps (4-inch) 

Non-toxic waterproof sealant 

Small rocks and pebbles 

Moss or coconut fiber 

Water dish (shallow) 

Saw (to cut PVC pipes) 



Decorative items (optional, such as non-toxic paint or natural materials for camouflage)

Tools Required: 

Saw (for cutting PVC) 


Caulk gun (for sealant)


1. **Prepare the PVC Pipes:** - Cut the PVC pipes into various lengths ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches to create diversity in your frog hotel. - Use sandpaper to smooth the edges of the cut pipes to ensure there are no sharp edges that could harm the frogs.

2. **Seal One End:** - Apply a non-toxic waterproof sealant to the inside rim of one end of each pipe. - Press a PVC cap onto the sealed end and allow it to dry according to the sealant’s instructions. This creates a safe, enclosed space for the frogs. 

3. **Add Internal Bedding:** - Fill the bottom of each pipe with small rocks and pebbles to aid in drainage. - Top the rocks with moss or coconut fiber to provide a comfortable resting area for the frogs. 

4. **Decorate and Camouflage:** - Optionally, decorate the exterior of the PVC pipes with non-toxic paints or adhere natural materials like bark or leaves to help the structure blend into its surroundings. 

5. **Install the Water Dish:** - Place a shallow water dish near the entrance of the frog hotel. Ensure it’s shallow enough to prevent drowning hazards for smaller frogs. 

6. **Position the Frog Hotel in Your Garden:** - Choose a shady, moist area in your garden, ideally near a pond or under dense foliage. - Bury the pipes halfway into the soil to provide stability and maintain cool temperatures inside the hotel. - Arrange the pipes horizontally or slightly tilted to prevent water accumulation inside.

7. **Maintain the Frog Hotel:** - Regularly check and clean the water dish. - Replace the internal bedding as needed to keep it fresh and inviting 

Building a frog hotel is not only a great way to help local wildlife but also provides an excellent learning opportunity for children about the importance of biodiversity and ecosystems. Enjoy watching your new amphibian guests explore their new home! This project offers flexibility in design and materials, so feel free to adjust the sizes and decorations to fit your space and personal aesthetic. Happy building!