Repti-Crunch Medley - Insect Mix - Salad Topper for reptiles


Product Information

The Ultimate Snack for Your Pets

Repti-Crunch Medley offers a delectable mix of dried crickets, black soldier fly larvae, and mealworms, providing a nutritious and enticing treat for your pets.

Convenient and Fresh

Always keep Repti-Crunch Medley on hand for easy feeding. Our product is shelf-stable and comes in a fresh-sealed package, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Versatile and Appealing

Sprinkle Repti-Crunch Medley over your pet's greens to encourage even the pickiest eaters. It's the perfect salad topper that adds a protein-packed boost.

Perfect for Various Pets

Ideal for bearded dragons, lizards, turtles, frogs, chickens, aviary birds, wild birds, and fish, Repti-Crunch Medley is a versatile treat loved by many.

High Protein, Low Effort

Enjoy the benefits of a high-protein snack without the hassle. Repti-Crunch Medley is your go-to solution for healthy, fuss-free feeding


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