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Desert scorpion - large - 5cm

Scorpions have the unique ability to fluoresce under ultraviolet (UV) light, which means they emit visible light when exposed to UV light. This phenomenon is most commonly observed in the presence of a blacklight or UV lamp.

Owning a scorpion as a pet can be an intriguing and rewarding experience for people who have a strong interest in arachnids and are willing to provide the proper care. It is important to note that Scorpions are not for everyone and ownership should be undertaken responsibly.

  1. Fascinating to observe: Scorpions have unique behaviors and adaptations that make them fascinating to watch. Many species are nocturnal, and their behavior can change depending on their environment, making them intriguing to observe in a well-maintained enclosure.

  2. Low maintenance: Compared to some other pets, scorpions have relatively low maintenance needs. They don't require daily feeding, and they can go for extended periods without food. Additionally, they don't need walks or frequent cleaning like many traditional pets.

  3. Educational value: Owning a scorpion can provide an educational experience for both children and adults. Learning about their natural history, behavior, and specific care requirements can be an excellent way to gain knowledge about arachnids and ecosystems.

  4. Aesthetically pleasing enclosure: Setting up a scorpion enclosure can be an enjoyable hobby for some people. Creating a suitable habitat with appropriate substrate, hiding spots, and decorations can be aesthetically pleasing and add to the appeal of having a pet scorpion.

  5. Minimal space requirement: Scorpions are relatively small creatures, and their enclosures can fit in compact spaces. This makes them a practical option for individuals with limited living space.

  6. Low allergen risk: Unlike some traditional pets, scorpions are not known to produce allergens that can affect individuals with pet allergies.

Find your care sheet for Desert Scorpions here.

Handling risks: Scorpions are not domesticated animals and are not typically suitable for handling. Many species have venomous stingers that can cause painful or harmful reactions if they feel threatened. For this reason, scorpions are considered more of a "look, but don't touch" pet

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