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Giant Burrowing Cockroach - medium size approx. 6cm

Owning a Giant Burrowing Cockroach as a pet can be a unique and fascinating experience.

Some benefits of owning a GBC are

  1. Low maintenance: Compared to traditional pets like dogs or cats, Australian giant burrowing cockroaches are relatively low maintenance. They don't require much attention, and their care is relatively straightforward.

  2. Educational value: These roaches can serve as educational tools for both children and adults, helping them learn about insect behavior, biology, and environmental roles. They can also foster a sense of curiosity and appreciation for the natural world.

  3. Environmental benefits: In a controlled setting, Australian giant burrowing cockroaches can help with decomposition by breaking down organic matter, contributing to the ecosystem's nutrient cycling.

  4. Unique and unusual pet: For insect enthusiasts or people looking for a conversation starter, owning such a distinctive and unusual pet can be a point of interest and intrigue.

  5. Non-aggressive and safe: Unlike some other types of cockroaches, Australian giant burrowing cockroaches are non-aggressive and pose little to no risk to humans. They don't bite or sting.

  6. Space-efficient: As they don't require much space, they can be a suitable pet for people with limited living arrangements.

  7. Long lifespan: Compared to other insects, Australian giant burrowing cockroaches have a relatively long lifespan, with females living up to 5-7 years and males living up to 3-4 years in captivity.

Check out our care sheet here.

Before getting any pet, including Australian giant burrowing cockroaches, thoroughly research their care requirements, housing needs, and potential challenges to ensure you can provide a suitable and caring environment for them.

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