Cosmozosteria sloanei - Barred Cockroach


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The Barred Cockroach is a pretty little communal roach that lives in leaf litter.

They can be fed and housed in leaf litter and supplemented with apple or carrot once or twice a week. Remove the uneaten food the next day. Spray their enclosure daily with a mist of water for hydration. A water dish can be added, but place a sponge in the bowl to avoid accidental drowning.

Growing to approx. 4cm, they require a small to medium terrarium with a thick layer of base substrate, leaf litter and wood or rock hides. You can also add live or ornamental plants. It is recommended to use fluon around the top of their enclosure to stop them from escaping.

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Width: 10.00
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Depth: 8.00

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